I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode of Star Trek: New Voyages, "World Enough and Time", due for release on August 23rd and featuring George Takei as Sulu once more.

I've been fascinated by the preceding episodes, "Come What May", "In Harm's Way" and especially "To Serve All My Days", in which Walter Koenig reprised his role as Chekov, and once you get past the fact that no-one can do a 'Scots' accent like James Doohan and also that Shatner never had that much hair, I have to say it's bloody good.

There's even a short feature showing Sulu's return to the Enterprise after Command School, and what happens the first time he takes the "Center Seat"...

I know many people out there will already have seen these or be waiting for the next episode, but if you haven't, don't delay - link's on the bar to the right.

The word must be spread.

The word is given - Warp Speed...

And no, I don't need a tranquiliser.