The Meme of Four...

This just in - dee dedee dee dededeee - Captain Incredible tagged by Becca - film at eleven...

The lovely and talented Becca way over in the Skullcave has tagged me with a meme. I have to answer x questions with four answers then add a question of my own.

Simple enough, I hear you say.

But is it?

Let's see:

Q1. Four jobs I've had or currently have:

1. Stacking shelves in a neighbourhood store - taught me the value of manual labour for minimum wage;
2. Sorting different-coloured pieces of paper in a Civil Service office - mindless work, and more of the above;
3. Working a public counter for a major public service body - not a bad job, except for the math; and
4. Datacentre Manager (sounds better than it is, trust me) for the aforesaid body. Home at last.

Q2. Four countries I've been to:

1. The Netherlands - Amsterdam, City of Canals;
2. France - Paris, City of Light;
3. USA - New York, Chicago (1 hour) and San Diego;
4. Germany - Munich, City of Beer.

Q3. Four places I'd rather be:

1. Not Neptune;
2. Bali;
3. Aria Giovanni's house (I've developed something of a fondness for her - can't imagine why);
4. Where was I - oh, yes, 4. Molvania - out of morbid curiosity (Google it).

Q4. Four foods I like to eat:

1. Pepperoni pizza;
2. My very own pasta sauce;
3. Fillet of salmon in lime and ginger marinade on a bed of brown rice with sweet corn on the side and a decent Rioja or Cabernet;
4. Kalkalash.

Q4a. Four personal heroes, past or present:

1. Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP;
2. Samaritan;
3. Ferris Bueller;
4. Roddenberry.

Q4b. Four books I've just read or am currently reading:

1. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman;
2. Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman;
3. Stan and Ollie: The Roots of Comedy by Simon Louvish;
4. The Day Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko.

Q4c. Four words or phrases I would like to see used more often:

1. Revvet!
2. Inconceivable!
3. Something something oranges something;
4. Hoopy.

And Q4d - my own addition:

What four heroes (or group) would you like to see have a movie of their own:

1. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan);
2. The Avengers;
3. Thor (excuse me, 'The Mighty Thor');
4. Wonder Woman.

Okay - that was work.

I'm going to tag only two people with this, for the simple reason that the other two I had in mind don't have a blog yet.

So it's Lee at Quit Your Day Job


Heidi at

As for the other two, watch this space...


Lee said…
Thank you Captain - Meme accepted and I will have it online sometime over the next couple of days.

Nice answers too...

Although Thor? I can't see the attraction, I've never really been interested in his character. The whole Asgard thing never really sat well with me in the Marvel universe.

What the hell am I saying I'd sooo watch a Thor movie!
I think one of the first comicbooks I read way back was Thor, and being an insatiable reader, I went looking for stuff on the Norse legends.

Marvellous stuff.

You couldn't do it in a movie.

And remember when Thor turned up as a guest on The Incredible Hulk? With what looked like a plastic helmet?

I don't think we want to see that again...
Becca said…
Hooray! Thanks for doing this meme! It was fun to get to know a bit more about you Captain.

psst...can I join you at Aria Giovanni's house? I promise to share:)