Pardon Me, Excuse Me, Excuse Me, Pardon Me...

I hate Sedna.

It's just a rock in the middle of nowhere. Okay, so it's bigger than Pluto, but then so are at least fifteen other similarly-sized objects that nobody bothers about because YOU HAVEN'T DISCOVERED THEM YET!!!

And some of them have moons.

One has six...

But the point is, it takes nearly a month to get there and back, and internet coverage is, not to put too fine a point on it, 'limited'.

And nothing ever happens there, so it's just a case of two quick orbits and home.

But I'm not bitter.

Meanwhile, my alter ego, Bob, has been involved with a work project that's taken a hell of a lot of time and effort, and needs a holiday badly.

Notwithstanding the offer by Ms P.J., the Urban Recluse, to go wolf-tracking in Romania, I think I need something a little more 'staid', so I'm planning a week in London, sometime between now and the end of the month.

I want to visit the British Museum, and maybe the Ian Fleming exhibit in the Imperial War Museum, stuff like that.

And my national airline's having a seat sale, so I should have a limb or two left to get around with.

But on to the planning...


PJ said…
Let me know when you're free, perhaps we can meet up for a cuppa and chocolate cake in Wetherspoons.