I Love This Joke...

A guy goes on holiday to Europe for six weeks.

It's his first vacation in years and he does all the tourist things, has a great time.

So midway through his trip, he phones home and gets his brother.

"So how's it going?" he asks.

"Well, your cat died," replies the brother.

The guy is shocked.

"That's no way to break news like that," he says. "I was very attached to my cat. You should break bad news like that gently; you should say something like:

'The cat was out on the roof, chasing squirrels, and got stuck. So we called the Fire Department and they came out and tried to save the cat, but the cat got scared and fell off the roof. So we took the cat to the vet and he did everything he could, even operated, but it was too late and the cat died.'

And the brother is very apologetic, and embarrassed, but the guy says not to worry about it.

"So how's everyone else?" the guy asks. "How's Mom?"

And the brother pauses a moment and says -

"Well, Mom was out on the roof, chasing squirrels..."


PJ said…
That's pretty funny, in an awful way.