ThingsTo Do On Monday Nights...

When I'm not eagerly anticipating Becca's latest Movie Quotes Quiz, I can usually be found, on Monday nights, crashed on the couch in front of my TV, channel-hopping.

However, that's all going to change next Monday, 'cos my writing class is starting up again.

Interplanetary hero stuff aside, I like to write, and I've been trying to complete a story for a long ti- many ye - a while now.

When I'd painted my character into a corner for the nth time, I decided I needed to step back from it and try and learn about plot and character development, pacing, that sort of thing.

So I took an evening course, the result of which was I actually finished a story.

It ran to 18000 words, so it's a bit long for a short story but short for a novella, but I was just happy to be able to put an end to something.

The other thing was that I enjoyed the course. Ordinarily, I'm not a joiner, but this was something I looked forward to, so I'm glad it's starting up again. I enjoy the diversity of ideas that a single writing exercise can produce, and I find I enjoy the discussion that follows.

We'll see what Monday brings, and hopefully I'll be home in time for the Movie Quiz...