As a self-respecting Irishman, my drink of choice is Guinness.

Brewed less than two miles from where I'm sitting, it's arguably the most recognisable beer brand in the world, in part due to the incredibly imaginative ad campaigns mounted by the owners, Diageo.

This is the latest - bizarre but cool:

Guinness, ELO and Donald Sutherland - doesn't get better than that...


Marina Martin said…
I really love these Guinness ads - I don't watch television, let alone ad spots, but I always watch these.

I've written a blog post on this video and it's scheduled to post in a few days. (I have a blog just about Guinness -- I'd love it if you'd check it out!)

I'm very jealous you get to live so close to where it's brewed -- have you noticed a significant difference in taste between where you are and, say, another European country? I know that the Guinness I had in London was a lot better than the (still great) Guinness I've had elsewhere.
I've always found Guinness's ad campaigns to be imaginative and entertaining without being as intrusive as other commercials. They don't shout at you, just say what they have to say and move on.

As for the Guinness at home and away - my experiences have been largely positive, especially in Paris and, curiously, San Diego, where I had several decent pints in an Irish-themed bar called The Field, in the Gaslamp Quarter. I don't know if it's still there - hang on, I'll check......
Yep, it is (

But I have to be honest and say the best Guinness I've had has been here in Dublin. It won't be the same if Diageo decide to move the operation away from St James's Gate and sell the land for redevelopment, as has been rumoured.

I think I'd switch to Murphy's if that happened.