What Do You Call 10 Auditors At The Bottom Of The Ocean?

A good start, that's what...

Yes, I'm back.

I've sorta been preoccupied with work the last couple of weeks, because it's time for our external audit.

This happens every year, but it's such a traumatic experience that we all head for the nearest pub when it's over in order to erase it from our memories, so that when it rolls around again with jarring inevitability the following year, there's a rush to get all the paperwork together, with incidents and accidents, threats and allegations - you know, the usual.

It's hellish.

And, mightiest of men or not, I'd rather face a frenzied Xylak horde any day.

But don't get me wrong - auditors are people too, with their own hopes and dreams.

And audits have their place; it's just that each year they seem to find a new way to make more work for me to make their work easier.

They tell me it's to make my work easier, but never look convincing when they say it.

I may be a little more cynical for the next couple of weeks...