Red? Interesting...

Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Cully Hamner (which I must make a point of reading), I knew nothing of either work  until this very morning.

In addition to those appearing in the trailer, the movie also apparently features Richard Dreyfuss and the evidently-still-alive Ernest Borgnine.

A not-so-Over-the-Hill Gang movie, coming soon to a cinema near you.


Lee Sargent said…
I have to say that I knew nothing of this trailer nor of the book before popping in here for a cuppa.


I want to see it and read it and will no doubt still it for my blog as well and claim that I have my finger on the pop culture pulse.

I think it's actually going to be good, in the same way 'Mr & Mrs Smith' was.

That's worth switching the phone off for...
Women Shoes said…
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