I had a phone call this afternoon, from a young lady who said she was calling on behalf of somebody called Online PC Care about the problems I was having with my PC.

I enquired as to the nature of her call and asked how she obtained my phone number, at which point she hung up.

Curiously, a colleague of mine reported last week that he had had a similar call, only the individual had suggested they were associated with Microsoft. He strung out the call for a few minutes before deciding it was a scam of some sort, made his excuses and hung up.

I did a bit of Googling after my caller departed, and found that this is something that has been encountered in the UK, Ireland and Australia, the originators using the names 'Online PC Care' or 'Online PC Doctors' or similar.

I'm sure I don't have to remind bloggers and the tech-savvy to be wary of this kind of thing, but it might be worth warning family members and friends who may not be as aware in case they get calls like this one.

As you were...


Therin of Andor said…
I had the same phone call the other night. She seemingly was pretending she was returning my call or email complaint. When I quizzed her about why I'd have Windows problems when I used a Mac she hung up fast.
Never thought I'd find a use for a Mac, but there you go - must remember that in case they call again :)