Now Showing At My Local Cinema...

There's a new Adam Sandler comedy in town at the moment (well, new to us, anyway) called 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry'. Those of you who consider Adam Sandler funny may well have seen it. Anyway, TV and radio spots here (perhaps to save time) are publicising the movie as simply 'Chuck and Larry' and discarding the rest of the title.

A cunning ploy, no doubt...

Okay, I know I've posted on this before, but I was passing my local cinema on the way home this evening and saw where it appeared to be advertising an 'I Now Pronounce You...' triple bill.

For openers, there's

I Now Pronounce You
Knocked Up

As an added bonus, one could also choose to se

I Now Pronounce You

And to round things out, how about

I Now Pronounce You
Death Proof

Of Chuck and Larry, however, there is no sign...


J.D. said…
Well, actually the second one sounds spot-on!
Could have the basis of an award - how does this sound:

j.d. - I Now Pronounce You Superbad

What d'you think?