The successor to Peter Capaldi's time-travelling TARDIS resident has been announced, and it's a first for Yorkshire.

The next wielder of the sonic screwdriver will be Ms. Jodie Whittaker, who one may previously have seen alongside Tenth Doctor David Tennant in ITV's Broadchurch.

Here's BBC's introductory promo:

As with any new Doctor, reception has been largely positive, although opinion remains divided. I can't for the life of me understand why. Here we have a fictional character from a race of beings who have demonstrated the ability to regenerate multiple times, unburdened by ties to race or gender.

As the Dothraki (if I may mix my milieux) might say, "This is known".

So it's more than a little puzzling why people seem unable to deal with the prospect of a female Time Lord.

As for myself, I've been from one end of this solar system to the other and I've seen a lot of things; but now I think it's time for something new. And with the bonus of a new showrunner in Chris Chibnall, I think we might just get it (just please don't bring back the robot dog...).

Doctor, your TARDIS awaits - may your adventures continue...