And I Would Have Gotten Away With It...

...If it hadn't been for that meddling Hubble Telescope...

Yep, looks like the secret base has been discovered at last; maybe the cloaking field broke down or something in my absence.

But as far as Earth's concerned, Neptune has a 14th moon, with the somewhat unimaginative designation "S/2004 N 1".

Here it is:

(pic from Wikipedia)

In keeping with tradition, the moon will be given a name from Greek or Roman mythology, one that is in some way related to Neptune/Poseidon, god of the Sea.

Personally, I lean towards the name 'Nemesis' as being nicely appropriate, given that I used the place as a base of operations from which to pursue evildoers in my erstwhile role as a member of the Neptunian Space Patrol (it needs a bit of fixing up, but it's still serviceable, and has good parking).

One of the Oceanids (nice people, good with kids), Nemesis, in Greek mythology was the goddess of divine retribution and implacable justice, albeit with very much her own ideas on punishment fitting the crime.

In today's society, she would probably be a Republican.

In any event, "S/2004 N 1" is now on the map, so if you're in the neighbourhood, drop in and have a look around. The door's unlocked; just don't touch the thing that looks like a giant (transmission failure) - if you wake it up it'll eat you.