More Stuffing, Vicar???

Note: Some (actually, only one) of the names in the following post have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved; for example, Niall will be referred to as 'Alan', etc.

Last night, following a phone conversation with my old friend, Alan (see above), I was persuaded to watch an episode of BBC comedy "The Vicar of Dibley", starring Dawn French as the eponymous cleric.

The episode in question was a Christmas special, wherein Rev. Geraldine is invited to not one, not two, but four Christmas lunches by members of her congregation, none of whom she has the heart to turn down, and one of which had about nine courses.

It gave new meaning to the word 'stuffing'.

Not that there weren't a few laughs; it is, after all, a family show with something for everybody, and the characters play well against each other.

However,the highlight for me was a small child's answer, when asked where Jesus was born.

"In Dunstable", was the innocent reply.

Thanks, Alan...


Not hostage to the name Alan (x9) said…
Feeling rightly stuffed!

I feel it is incumbent on me to strike a blow for Alan's everywhere, especially so when they are so frequently confused with others. Alan Rickman comes to mind, as in the not to distant past his was mis-identified with some vigor as Rick Wakeman - bizzare, yes but quite true. (Sadly this reference is quite lost on the youth of today - lurking in the background as I blog - which causes me to question the merits of the current education system).

This confusion has also led to the sad neglect of some perfectly good "Alan" sites namely;,,,,,,, although our erstwhile Captain may seek to claim that some of them have at best a tenuous "Alan" link.

But I digress, and can pnly suggest in my defence that the Grande Finale episodes of the V of D be watched to see if the Captain can spot a guest appearance by a well know traveller through space and time....
As a Captain, with years of training and experience in many, many wonderful subjects, I can confirm that Alan is indeed everywhere, and doesn't need a blow struck for him.

But on his behalf, I thank you.

Unless he's in de-Niall...