Only 2 More Years Till Retirement...

Today is Neptunian New Year, as calculated by being about 164.8 Earth years since it was discovered jointly by Verrier and Adams in 1846 as it passed the Sun.

My contract as Hero of Neptune runs for 3 years (but I didn't read the small print), so only have another 2 Neptunian (or about 329.6 Earth) years to go to retirement and the inevitable book and media tours.

For those of you who may never have seen my adopted world, here's a photo (taken by my nPhone):

Pretty, isn't it?

Anyhow, the commute's a little shorter these days because we're a bit closer to Earth, so that's a bonus, and there's always something to do on Triton if it gets boring.

So Happy New Year, Earthlings, or indeed "Zamzam Aktiklag" as we say out here on the Bigger Blue Marble...