And Now, For Lee, This:

So I bought myself a Creative X-Fi2 today and, flushed with the inevitable sense of self-congratulation that comes from a successful and confident web purchase, clicked the Stumble button on my browser's toolbar to see what surprises the Great Web could deliver.

This was the first thing I found - I thought it only fitting to share:

Music and video by Ricardo Autobahn.

Curiously, the website where I found this was; seems to be one for the ladies, so I'm curious as to how Stumbleupon dropped it on my desktop.

While there, however, I discovered that a poll of 5000 women revealed that they consider an Irish accent to be the most sexy.

I may travel a bit more to test this theory...


Lee Sargent said…
I don't understand.

How is it possible to cram that much awesome into a video without the interwebz completely melting down in a rainbow of joy.

You sir just earned yourself a Twinky, go ahead, you earned it.

So much awesomeness...
I don't understand either, sir - some sort of Intelligent Design, perhaps?

As to the Twinky, it is something of which I have heard tell and have read about in popular folklore, yet they are unavailable here on Neptune (something to do with the gravity-defying filling, I believe) or, indeed, in Ireland.

I may just have to enjoy some Oreos in lieu of same, instead.

But thank you kindly, in any event...
Lee Sargent said…
Dude - you got a pageant of the transmundane award!
Arjan said…
that just made my day.