Mel Gibson's Back... a remake of the 1985 BBC classic thriller, "Edge of Darkness".

The original, directed by Martin Campbell, starred Bob Peck, Joe Don Baker and Joanne Whalley, had a haunting soundtrack by Michael Kamen and Eric Clapton, and was so popular that BBC repeated it twice in the same year, something unheard of in those days.

The remake, also directed by Martin Campbell, stars Gibson, Ray Winstone and Bojana Novakovic, and is set to open in the US in January 2010. Music is by Howard Shore, which can't be bad...


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PJ said…
Looks like something to look forward to in early 2010. Gibson has made some mistakes in his personal life recently, but he's a great actor and film-maker.

Spam word is proost - sounds familiar.
It has to be said, ol' Mel went a bit off the rails in the last couple of years, but hopefully this will see him back on track.

"Proost", eh? Isn't that a toast in Germany?

No spam words for me (obviously)...