Would You Like To Buy An O?

As Fred* will confirm, I've always been a fan of Sesame Street.

Excuse me while I remove a fly that's crawling on Jo Whiley's face...

Okay, that's better. Now where was I?

Oh, right - Sesame Street. Every now and again, a guy in a trenchcoat and hat would try and sell Ernie things for a nickel, like an empty box, or air, etc., with varying degrees of success.

His name is Lefty the Salesman, and one has to admire his dedication - might even give Mr. CMOT Dibbler a run for his money.

Some of his initial forays into the field of supply/demand were not altogether successful, to wit:

However, Lefty was nothing if not a trier, and although his initial attempts at independence were less than wholly successful:

Lefty nonetheless persisted, refining his salesmanship skills with various ideas, up to and including this - one of his finest moments, if (spoiler alert) sadly unsuccessful:

I'dve bought it, wouldn't you?

*Our regular reader