I'm a reasonable man.

I ask for no more than I need.

I've waited patiently for over eight months for the second half of season 4 of Galactica, and avoided spoilers, trailers, commentary, etc., and it looked like everything was working out fine.

Tonight, I sat down at 2059hrs and watched the first episode.

Thrilling, shocking, poignant - words to be ascribed to the best in drama, and all of which apply here.

With five minutes remaining, my cable went out!


Tigh was talking with D'Anna on the planet surface. She was saying something about Cavil when the screen went black, and stayed that way for eight minutes! The signal came back in the middle of a commercial for Toilet Duck or something!

To quote Charlie Brown,

"Good grief!!!"

It brings me back to a time in Catholic Ireland when TV would inexplicably go out during what might be considered 'controversial' programming - call me cynical, but it happened on too regular a basis to be coincidental.


The only saving grace is that Sky will repeat the episode at least twice, but I'll probably have streamed it by then...


PJ said…
I feel for you, that reminds me of the time we had a powercut in the middle of Buffy.

Looks like BSG is repeated on Sky2 at 9.55pm on Saturday night, so you're good.
Actually, I managed to see it on Wednesday, so I'm sorted.

Looks cool on the big screen, too :)