It's Almost Time...

Yep, only 5 days to go until the new season of Doctor Who - and a good thing too, because I've been reduced to watching an episode of Flash Gordon. I gave the pilot a chance but wasn't impressed, but I figured, hey, it can only get better.

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

It's stupid - there's no rocket ships, Flash is a jobless high school grad, Dale is, well, Dale, Zarkov is a college science geek, Ming is a - a bureaucrat! Aaagghh!!

But I digress.

Check out a site called Doctor Who Insania - I need say no more, except -

Daleks and Martha and Rose, oh my...


Becca said…
I loved, loved, loved the first episode of the new Who what did you think?

That scene where the Doctor and Donna finally meet up was so brilliant.

Oh and I have to agree the new version of Flash Gordon is just bad, not worth anyones time. I even read somewhere the producers regreted making it so bland.
The first episode was brilliant - my eleven-year old nephew and I watched it together, and we were both lip-reading the Doctor and Donna's dialogue, it was so obvious what was being said.

I thought the little Adipose creatures were cute - someone said something about an anti-stress toy or something like that, so we'll see.

As for Flash Gordon, bland is about the best can be said about it.

Where's Brian Blessed when you need him?

Becca said…
Ah Brian Blessed! You can never have too much Brian Blessed!
Very true - he gives a whole new meaning to the expression 'larger than life'...