Parallel Universes...

I've been watching this show lately called Charlie Jade.

A Canada-South Africa co-production, it's set in a dystopian version of our own universe (the AlphaVerse) where the corporations rule. The titular hero is a private investigator who stumbles upon a plan by Vexcor, one of the major corporations, to build a link to other universes (Beta, Gamma) in order to steal the vital resources that have been exhausted in their own.

When a bomb destroys one of Vexcor's link facilities in the desert, Charlie is stranded in the BetaVerse and has to find a way to get home, but he finds himself caught up in the struggle to stop Vexcor's plan once it becomes apparent what will happen to the other universes if they're successful in bringing the link online.

The first season contains 20 episodes and stars U.S. actor Jeffrey Pierce as Charlie Jade. Word is that a second season has been written but remains in production limbo.

Check out the official site at

Worth a look, if you get fed up with the Christmas specials...