Lee? You There?

Right, let me begin with a confession - unlike Batman, or, indeed, the late Ralph Dibny, I make no claims to be the World's Greatest Detective. Thus, my powers of observation are no better or worse than those of you normal people.

However, being the Mightiest of Men (TM), I expect a little more of myself than to miss a post by someone who's taken the time and trouble to produce one and mention me by name.

Sadly, and to my chagrin, this has been the case, and so, to Lee, over at Quit Your Day Job, my most abject and humile apologies.

Some time back, I tagged Lee with the Meme of Four, to which I missed his response until today. Modesty prevents me from reproducing it here (she's standing behind me, threatening to take my keyboard) but I will respond by revealing a factoid or two (although I might be lying (but I never lie (or do I?))).

As to my 'nom de guerre' - it was chosen in tribute to none other than the Man of Magnet, the Legend in Leotards, the great Captain Invincible, who won WWII single-handed, exposing it as a fiendish plot of none other than Mr. Midnight. He timeshares the Statue of Liberty, and I get it every Labor Day Weekend...

As a Hero of Neptune, I am the de facto planetary police force. Not bad for a lump of ice 4.5 billion kilometers from Earth, I hear you say. But Neptune has a surface area 15 times that of Earth, and 13 moons.

And when you consider that because the atmosphere has a high concentration of helium, reading someone their rights can reduce all concerned to tears of laughter and frustration, so I think you'll agree I have my work cut out for me.

I took the job on the basis it was just for 30 days. The Board didn't say it was Neptunian days, (and I rarely read the small print) so in Earth terms that's about 30 years.

Cable City is somewhere to rest my head when I get a weekend off, which happens more often than not these days (Xylaks are going into a hibernation period). I try and patrol regularly, but unfortunately the press make a big deal of my leaving for Neptune, so crime sort of peaks in my absence (I'm only incredible, after all - not stupendous).

While relaxing, I like to watch movies and read books - sometimes the movie of a book, sometimes the book of a movie. I came upon "The Princess Bride" at a film festival in Neptune City (a Rob Reiner season - he's very big on Neptune) and was hooked instantly.

There's absolutely nothing bad about the film - it has, as the Grandfather explains to the Boy, 'everything' - adventure, sports, giants, pirates, revenge, true love, and one of the best swordfights in cinema history (I myself have used Thibault on occasion to counter Capo Ferro).

The book is every bit as good, and remains one of my favourites. I like to use quotes from it from time to time, just to see if anyone picks up on it. You ought to see my email signature in the day job I use as a cover. How I get away with that is anyone's guess.

So once again to Lee, thank you kindly for the coverage, and remember - "You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles."

Till next time...


Lee said…
Cheers Cap - I've been meaning to respond and say you are certainly welcome and I apologize for not doing the meme correctly in the first place LOL!!!
No worries, Lee - see you in the comments :)
Ray said…
Ah The Princess Bride. It's one of my favorites too. I've even met some R.O.U.S's. They are everywhere you know.
They are, aren't they? Not just the Fire Swamp...