Saturday, 27 April 2013

Iron Man 3 - Don't Stop Now...

From the post title, the astute reader will guess that I have been to see Iron Man 3.

It is no exaggeration to say that the reviews are spot-on - pretty much everything you may have heard about the movie or seen in trailers says you won't be disappointed, so in the case of someone like me, who enjoys the occasional Owen Wilson film, one would think I was easily pleased (not so: Shanghai Knights should never have been made).

Iron Man 3 sees Tony Stark in crisis - subject to anxiety attacks and insomnia following the events in New York, he throws himself into redesign after redesign of the armour before finally arriving at Prototype 42. Then, when a terrorist calling himself The Mandarin launches attacks on US interests, broadcasting his intent (like the old Batman villains used to do) by hijacking TV network frequencies, Stark challenges him, more or less, to a showdown...

Having seen the other instalments, plus (obviously) Joss Whedon's Avengers Assemble, I was wondering how Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) would treat the characters. I wasn't disappointed, and Mr. Black's approach seems to have been well-informed by the previous episodes.

Ben Kingsley, never slow to play a villain, does a chilling turn here as one of Iron Man's greatest nemeses, stealing pretty much every scene in which he appears. The bit where he (oops, almost a spoiler there) drew an amazing reaction from the audience.

All in all, Iron Man 3 was well worth the wait - I hope RDJ doesn't decide to hang up the repulsors just yet; he's got a few more thousand miles in the suit and I know I'd like to see another adventure, whether as a standalone or as part of an Avengers story.

In the meantime, I have to go and see it again.

In case something happens after the credits...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Yep, I'm still here - who'd have imagined?

Oh - hi, Fred...

Anyhow, it seems I'm susp- er, 'on leave' for a while owing to some misunderstanding about whether diplomatic immunity applies in cases of parking offenses committed while "picking up the kids from school".

The school in this case is an elementary military tactical training facility for clones on Triton - the double-yellow line is a no-parking zone 20000 kilometers from the surface. The 'kids' are, on average, genetically enhanced cyborgs with the simulated memories and life experiences of the average 25-year-old trooper, bound for service with the Kaplan of Arcturus Nine. Forty thousand of them.

So I naturally took it amiss when the Kaplanite showed up with a fleet of warships and parked them in close orbit, ostensibly to transport the student body home for tea. Yeah, right.

Unfortunately, the Patrols Magistrate took a different view and awarded me a 30-day* suspension, so I'm free to pursue other interests for the time being.

Anyhow, I felt a little redecorating was in order, so here you go. I've also updated the links bar, so you've somewhere new to open tabs to.

Have a wander around - I'll be back in a bit with more stuff.

Whether you find it of interest is, of course, up to you :-)

And on we go...

*Neptunian days - I'm free! Free!